Delphinium Account Settings

The account setting page contains information about your Delphinium contract including the contact information for the person most responsible for configuring Delphinium at your organization and the contract end date.

Open the Delphinium Admin Area

Note: You will need Canvas admin rights to view the Canvas Admin area.

Click Admin in the vertical "icon link bar" in the "left-hand side of the page".

The "Canvas admin area" will appear.

Click Delphinium in the "left-hand menu".

The "Delphinium admin" area will appear.

If necessary, click the Accounts tab.

The "Delphinium account list" will display.

View Account Details

Click View in the row for the account you want to view details for.

The "details" window will open for that account.

Note: Parent accounts will list the courses for their sub accounts.

Click the Settings tab

Contact information for the person most responsible for managing Delphinium in the root Canvas account will be displayed.

You can update the contact information and click Save if required.

Your "Delphinium Contract expiration date" is also listed.

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