"Achievements" are used to direct students towards desirable behavior in a course by celebrating important course accomplishments. When students complete the requirements for a specific achievement, the achievement is unlocked and the success is shared with their peers in the leaderboard. This helps students perform higher quality work.


The "Achievements" component includes a list of "achievement tiles" that display icons, a title, and a description for each achievement.

Unearned achievements are colored blue gray and display a "lock" icon.

Mouse over each achievement tile to view an achievement's requirements. Achievements can include one or more requirements, for example:

  • Earn a specific number of points in the class, on an assignment, or in an assignment group.

  • Complete 10 percent of the assignments in the class, in a module, or in an assignment group.

  • Maintain 90% or above on the last 5 completed assignments

Brag Board

The "Brag Board" includes icons for the 5 most recently obtained achievements (or fewer achievements if the student has not yet earned 5). The brag board is also displayed in social widgets in the "Leaderboard" component and shared anonymously with other students.

Note: The "Brag Board" will only appear in Delphinium layouts that also include the leaderboard.

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