Delphinium Gradebook Stats

The Delphinium Stats tab includes information you can use to gauge the overall progress for students in your course. These include the following:


The Delphinium Stats tab displays at a glance averages for a variety of stats in your course including:

    • Average % of points earned

    • Average points from assignments

    • Average bonus

    • Average penalty

    • Total bonus/penalty

    • Total points from bonus and assignments

Note: The Delphinium Configuration AI will hide and show averages depending on what components you are using in the course and available student data. You may not see all of the averages described above

Grade Count Histogram

The Delphinium Stats tab displays the number of students currently earning each grade level. The horizontal axis displays each grade level and the vertical axis displays count range. Counts are displayed as bar in the histogram; when mousing over histogram bars; and as count and % under each bar.