The Delphinium Timeline

The Delphinium Timeline tab provides a useful interface for digging into a detailed snapshot of your students' progress in your course. It allows you to view every assignment for every student at a glance to see who is doing well and who is struggling. It includes the following information:


  • Horizontal - Shows the time from beginning date to end date in course

  • Vertical - Shows the points from 0 to max points in the course

Student Trend Lines

  • Each student has a line

  • Blue dots on the line represent the date and cumulative score for each scored assignment

  • Blue lines connect the blue dots to show a student's trend line

  • An orange circle filled with white indicates the most recent score a student has received

Red Line

  • A horizontal red line shows the current date on the horizontal axis

Student List

  • Checks indicate which students are displayed in graph

  • You can check just one checkbox and use the arrow keys to display students one at a time on the graph by navigating up and down the list

  • Click All to check and display all students in graph

  • Click Clear to uncheck and hide all students in graph

  • Click A-Z and 1-9 to sort the student list alphabetically and numerically top to bottom or bottom to top


  • Display stat lines on the graph for each date/point level

    • You can view Min, Median, 10th, Q3, Q1, 90th, Mean, and Max

    • Controls: Show ALL stat lines, Clear all stat lines


    • Date filter

      • Limit the scores displayed in the graph to those received before a specific date

      • Play button - display the status of scores in the graph one day at a time to "re-play" the course to see patterns in when points are earned

    • Point filter

      • Select a point range, limited by top and bottom, to show only lines for students who's most recent assignment falls in that range