Onboarding Tour and Handbook

Onboarding and Just In Time (JIT) training is an important part of ensuring student and teacher success in Delphinium. To make sure that students know how to effectively use a Delphinium layout, the Delphinium Configuration AI creates a "Handbook" and "Tour" for each layout.

Note: The first time a user opens a Delphinium Layout, the Tour will begin automatically to orient them to how the course layout works.


"Icon Buttons" for the "Tour" and "Handbook" can be found in the top right of a Delphinium layout.

Handbook - The "handbook" is a list of all of the steps in tour. Access the "handbook table of contents" by clicking the down chevron button. A tooltip will appear with a list of "headers" and "bullets".

Click each header to open its list of "bullets".

Click each bullet to jump to that step in the tour.

Tour - The "Layout Tour" is a series of steps that display information in tool tips about specific aspects of a course. Tours direct users to different areas in the course and briefly explain key principles and important points.

Click the Tour button found next to the "handbook chevron" button to start a tour from the beginning.

Click the Back and Next buttons in the "tour tooltip" to navigate each "tour step".

Some "tour steps" will direct users to click "buttons in the user interface" to continue the tour.

Learn More... - Most sections in a tour include at least one "Learn More..." link. These links open detailed tutorials for each Delphinium component that students and teachers can use to gain greater understanding about how components work and teachers can learn how to configure them.

Note: Most Delphinium components are automatically configured by the Delphinium Configuration AI, but teachers and designers can customize their settings. Also, some advanced components like Tag Tracker and Iris require input from teachers and/or designers.

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