Content Item Popup Settings

The Content Item Popup displays all the content items in a module or assignment group. The Content Item Popup does not have any direct Delphinium settings. However, you can change Canvas and Module Meta Data settings to change the Content Item Popup.

Canvas Settings

To change how and what data is displayed in the Delphinium Content Item Popup, do the following:

  1. Update Canvas Content in the Canvas interface

  2. Refresh LMS Data to copy those changes into Delphinium

Note: Changes in Canvas will not appear in Delphinium until you Refresh LMS Data

Default Tags

Delphinium includes two "Default Content Tags (click for details)" that can change how Content Items are displayed

  • Description: Assigning the "Description" tag to a text header in the Module Meta Data manager will format a text header as a paragraph that can be used to describe module content.

  • Optional: Assigning the "Optional" tag to an assignment in the Module Meta Data manager will add an "Optional" text header to the bottom of the list and move that assignment below the "Optional" text header