Create a Delphinium Layout from a Template

If two courses have a very similar course design, it is sometimes useful to copy the Delphinium layout and settings from one course into the other. This is especially useful if the layout is unique or significantly altered from a template.

Note: Be very careful when using this method to import a layout into a course because if the two courses do not have a similar design, you might end up adding components to a Delphinium layout that are incompatible with the course. It is often better to select a template or customize the Layout Editor for a course. This way you can be more sure that the components you select are a good fit.

Select "Show Me Other Options"

After you enable the Delphinium page and the Delphinium page is loaded for the first time, select Show Me Other Options.

"Select a Template"

On the next page, select  Copy Settings From Another Course, and click Next.

Select a Template

On the next page, select  a template and click Next.

Note: You can preview templates by clicking the "glasses" icon.

Note: Templates are organized by: Basic, Account, and Advanced templates. Basic templates are very flexible and will work for most courses without any customizations. Your orgnaization may have added their own templates to the Account section (if not, this section will not display). Advanced templates are intended for advanced users and specific course designs. They often require additional configuration. You can learn more about these templates in the Advanced Options link on the previous page.

Course Organization

If Delphinium detects that your course has modules configured, it will ask you to select how your course is organized, or, in other words, how your students typically view course content.

If this is a new course and you have not yet added modules, but you plan on adding modules later, you can update this setting after Delphinium is configured using the Delphinium Course Settings tab.

Delphinium Homepage

Delphinium gives you the option to use your Delphinium layout as the homepage for your course. This ensures that students who enter the course are using Delphinium. 

You can use the Delphinium Course Settings to make Delphinium the home page later, or you can use Canvas settings to change the home page to something else if you make Delphinium the home page now.

Additional Information

Finally, Delphinium asks you to provide some additional information about your course like the start and end date and max points. You can use the "Count for Me" feature to find your max points, or you can add the max points value manually.

Click Done and the page will reload to your Delphinium layout.