Avatar Settings

Delphinium includes an avatar system designed to help students celebrate and to give positive feedback for progress in the course. It encourages students to do more work at higher quality by unlocking avatar options when students earn more points. Avatars also allow students to express their individuality in a fun and creative way in a course. This helps students integrate the course experience into their learning identity. In addition, when courses also use the leaderboard, students can share their avatars with each other and build "social presence" in a course. This includes the ability to "like" each other's avatar. This helps students connect with each other and can improve engagement in a course.

Note: Experience has shown that not all students will create an avatar, but those that do can have a lot of fun expressing themselves.

Open the Component Settings

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher or Periscope View, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page.

The "Settings" dialog will open.

Click the Delphinium Settings tab in the tab bar at the top of the Settings dialog.

The “Delphinium Settings” tab will be displayed.

The Delphinium Settings tab has two sub tabs, "Course Settings" and "Component Settings." If necessary, click Component Settings.

The "Component Settings" sub tab will be displayed.

If your course has more than one tab, you will see those tabs mirrored in the "secondary tab bar". You may need to click the correct tab in the secondary tab bar to display the icon for the component you wish to edit.

Click the Avatar icon.

The “Avatar Settings” dialog will display.

Configure Avatar Level Thresholds

The avatar component unlocks avatar parts for students to use in their avatar when they earn enough points to exceed each level's point threshold. The point value for each threshold is configured in the "Avatar Settings".

Note: The Delphinium Configuration AI will automatically configure the point value for each avatar level threshold based on the "Max Points" value set in Delphinium's course settings. If you update the "Max Points" settings in Delphinium's course settings, the Delphinium Configuration AI will automatically update the avatar level thresholds accordingly. The Delphinium Configuration AI will automatically configure the avatar level thresholds so that lower levers are easier to exceed, and they get more difficult as the levels increase. However, if you like, you can manually update thresholds to match any progression you prefer.

Update the number value for any level you wish to configure manually.

Click Update Thresholds to save your changes.

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