Delphinium Configuration Tools

Delphinium includes a collection of powerful algorithms designed to make using Delphinium dramatically easier and magnifying teacher's efforts.

Configuration AI


The configuration AI attempts to configure the settings in the course and many of the components commonly found in Delphinium layouts. When a course is first initialized, the configuration AI automatically configures many Delphinium settings with reasonable values. When some course settings, like start and end date and max points are updated, the configuration AI adjusts many of the relevant settings in Delphinium components. When a Delphinium layout is copied from one course to another, the configuration AI copies all of the components settings too.

In addition, a teacher or course designer can override all settings configured by the configuration AI if they would like to customize them 

Onboard Training Walkthrough Tours AI

Delphinium provides an algorithm that generates detailed tutorial tours for every Delphinium layout. This tool trains students and teachers how to use Delphinium. Teachers and designers can customize these tours to provide additional information about a course.

Student Progress Reports and Customized Messages

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FAQ Chatbot AI

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