Copy Delphinium Settings from a Different Course

If two courses have a very similar course design, it is sometimes useful to copy the Delphinium layout and settings from one course into the other. This is especially useful if the layout is unique or significantly altered from a template.

Note: Be very careful when using this method to import a layout into a course because if the two courses do not have a similar design, you might end up adding components to a Delphinium layout that are incompatible with the course. It is often better to select a template or customize the Layout Editor for a course. This way you can be more sure that the components you select are a good fit.

Select "Show Me Other Options"

After you enable the Delphinium page and the Delphinium page is loaded for the first time, select Show Me Other Options.

Select "Copy Settings From..."

On the next page, select  Copy Settings From Another Course, and click Next.

Select "Course to Copy"

On the next page, select  the Course to Copy from the drop down list, and click Next.

Note: Only classes that you are teacher in, AND that use Delphinium, will appear in that drop down list.

Gather More Information

Delphinium will then collect more information from the source course.

Manually Match Meta-data

If Delphinium detects that the content in the two courses are different, it will ask you to manually match the content by selecting matching. This step is optional and you can skip it, how ever, if you skip some meta-data like box content images, tags, and parent-child relationships will not copy over to the new course.

Note: This step is optional and will not appear if there is no unmatched meta-data between the two courses.

Note: See the Pro Tip below to learn how to avoid this step.

Additional Information

Finally, Delphinium asks you to provide some additional information about your course like the start and end date and max points. You can use the "Count for Me" feature to find your max points, or you can add the max points value manually.

Click Done and the page will reload to your Delphinium layout.