How to Copy a Delphinium Layout and Settings from a Different Course

If two courses have a very similar course design, it is sometimes useful to copy the Delphinium layout and settings from one course into the other. This is especially useful if the layout is unique or significantly altered from a template.

Note: Be very careful when using this method to import a layout into a course because if the two courses do not have a similar design, you might end up adding components to a Delphinium layout that are incompatible with the course. In most cases we recommend that you use the Layout Coach to select a template or customize the Layout Editor for a course. This way you can be more sure that the components you select are a good fit.

Select Copy from Different Course

After you enable the Delphinium page and the Delphinium page is loaded for the first time, select Copy a Delphinium layout from a different course that uses Delphinium

Click Next

Continue this Tutorial

Clicking Next above will open the "Delphinium Settings Copy" tab in Tools. Continue this tutorial by following this link to the Delphinium Settings Copy tutorial: