How Do I Manage Student Aliases?

Aliases are used in some Delphinium components to allow students to compare their progress with other specific students, without revealing students' identities. For privacy reasons, aliases are assigned to students and students cannot create their own alias. This prevents students from creating an alias that is personally identifying or offensive to other students. Aliases are automatically assigned the first time a student accesses a Delphinium page.

Delphinium includes a list of random aliases, or you can customize it with your own alias list.

Open the Delphinium Settings

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher or Periscope View, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page

The "Settings" dialog will open.

Click the Aliases Tab

Click the Aliases tab.

The "Aliases" tab contains three subtabs:

  • Student Aliases

  • Unassigned Aliases

  • Master Alias List

Each of these subtabs is explained below.

Remove Student Aliases

Note: It may occasionally useful to remove a student's alias, or all student aliases. For example, if a student does not like the alias they have been assigned or if you decide to change the entire list of possible aliases.

Select a student's name from the drop down list to remove one alias, or Select all to remove all aliases, then click Remove Alias.

Note: If you remove a student's alias, a new alias will be assigned the next time the student accesses this page. If you remove all aliases, the list of "Unassigned Aliases" will be regenerated from the "Master Alias List" and all students will be assigned a new alias the next time they access the course Delphinium page.

Edit the Unassigned Aliases List

Note: Unassigned aliases have not yet been assigned to students. The "Unassigned Aliases" list will get shorter as students are assigned aliases. If you are running out of aliases, you can add more to the "Unassigned Aliases" field. If you frequently run out of aliases, or would like to change the aliases used in this course, you can edit this course’s master alias list on the “Master Alias List” subtab.

Add aliases to the to Unassigned Aliases field, separated by commas and without spaces.

Click Save Changes to Unassigned Aliases List.

Edit the Master Alias List

Note: The master alias list can be used to assign aliases to students in this course, and will be used in future copies of this course. Be sure there are more aliases than there are students.

Edit or replace the Master Alias List to make changes. Be sure to put a comma without spaces between each alias.

Select one of the following options

  • Refresh All Aliases - the following will occur:

    • Save changes to master list

    • Delete all assigned and unassigned aliases

    • Update unassigned aliases list with current master alias list

    • Students will be assigned new aliases the next time they access this page

  • Update Master List Only - the following will occur:

    • Save changes to master list

    • Do not change current student aliases or the unassigned aliases list

    • Changes to the alias list will take effect next time you copy this course