How Do I Update Canvas Data in Delphinium?

To make pages load faster, Delphinium stores and displays copies of Canvas information, like assignment names, due dates, points possible, etc. that does not change often. When you make a change to this data in Canvas, it will not appear in Delphinium until you refresh the LMS data in Delphinium.

Note: Stored sensitive data like student scores on submissions are encrypted for security and privacy purposes.

Note: The first time you load Delphinium in a course, it may take longer to load, and may reload automatically as it loads Canvas data and configures the Delphinium components.

Open the Delphinium Settings

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher or Periscope View, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page

The "Settings" dialog will open.

Click the Refresh LMS Data Tab

Click the Refresh LMS Data tab in the tab bar at the top of the Settings dialog.

The “Refresh LMS Data” tab will be displayed

Click Refresh All LMS Data

Click the Refresh All LMS Data button.

Note: If you would like to refresh specific Canvas data only (i.e. Modules, Quizzes, Assignments, Outcomes, or Discussion Topics), click those specific buttons instead of Refresh All LMS Data. This will reload the page faster than when updating all Canvas data.

A message indicating that the data records are being updated from Canvas. When the process is complete the page will reload with the updated Canvas data displayed in Delphinium. Refreshing LMS data can take several minutes.

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