How do I Configure Delphinium Component Settings?

Delphinium centralizes all Delphinium component settings in the Delphinium Component Setting tab. Only the components included in the Delphinium layout will have settings and they will use the same tab organization as the Delphinium course tabs. Components are represented as "tiles" and the settings for each are displayed by clicking a tile.

Open the Delphinium Settings

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher or Periscope View, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page

The "Settings" dialog will open.

Click the Delphinium Settings Tab

Click the Delphinium Settings tab in the tab bar at the top of the Settings dialog.

The “Delphinium Settings” tab will be displayed.

The Delphinium Settings tab has two sub tabs, "Course Settings" and "Component Settings". If necessary, click Component Settings.

The "Component Settings" subtab will be displayed.

Select a Tab to View Its Components

Components are organized by the same tabs in the Delphinium layout and the "Component Settings" tab.

Click the tab in the "Component Settings" popup to display the component tile for the component that you want to edit settings.

Mouseover Component Tiles to View Details

Mouseover component tiles to view a tooltip with a thumbnail and description for each component.

Mouse over the Find Me button to find that component's location on the page; the settings popup will become transparent and the component will be highlighted with a yellow box.

Note: It is possible to add more than one instance of some components to a Delphinium layout. The "Find Me" function will help ensure you know which instance of the components settings you are editing.

Click a Component Tile to View Its Settings

Click a component tile to open that component's settings in a new popup.

Note: The settings for each component type has its own tutorial. Please refer to those tutorials for more details.

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