What Exactly is Delphinium?

Bottom line, Delphinium is a QUICK, FLEXIBLE, EASY way to make your course more engaging. It works in ANY Canvas course in just minutes! Delphinium's primary purpose is to help students WANT to engage, and to help students and teachers CONNECT with each other. 

What Exactly Does Delphinium Do in My Course?

Let's start with what Delphinium isn't. Delphinium does not change the basic building blocks of your course like assignments, pages, and modules. Functionally, your course remains exactly the same after you add Delphinium. Your assignments do not change. Your pedagogy does not change. None of your course design decisions change. 

Delphinium does take all of the work you put into your Canvas course and makes it "more". More engaging, more fun, more effective, and more successful.

Delphinium is sometimes called a "skin" or an "overlay" for your course that dramatically increases its engagement and motivating power. You might think of it like paper outfits laid over a paper doll to change its appearance. 

Another way I like to think about how Delphinium works with your course is the peanut butter analogy. Delphinium is a researched-based tool that extracts the mechanics of engaging and motivating environments like games, sports, mentorships, and engrossing hobbies and applies them as a thin layer over your course in a few simple steps. Like peanut butter spread on toast! It is the means to quickly and easily apply proven strategies for engagement and motivation to your course.

Delphinium turns Canvas from this...

...into this!

A sterile list of assignments with very little engaging information.

A visually engaging interface that surfaces the right information at the right time to help students want to perform.

A Few Examples


This interface that can be used in a face-to-face or hybrid class. Here the modules are displayed as information rich boxes which help students clearly see where they have been, where they are, and where they are going.

Self-paced Online 

This interface is designed for self-paced online classes, students have freedom to choose their own path through the content.

Cafeteria-style / Competency-based 

This interface has been designed to support cafeteria-style or competency-based course designs.

In addition to improved content and feedback tools, Delphinium also includes a suite of components that drive engagement and direct student attention to key activities. These include a leaderboard, avatars, prize boxes and other dashboard elements.