Update Canvas Data

Delphinium displays information about Canvas content like title, points possible, publish status, and due date. Delphinium also displays Canvas course structure like module titles, module item titles, module order, module prerequisites, module lock dates, and assignment groups. We call this information "meta-data". Delphinium does NOT display the core of canvas content like page content or assignment descriptions.

When Delphinium loads for the first time in a course, Canvas meta-data will be pulled from Canvas into Delphinium automatically, you do not need to make any adjustments. It will all be displayed properly in Delphinium.

However, it is likely that you will eventually want to change your course structure. Here we will provide links that describe how you can make these changes in Canvas and then update Delphinium so you can see the changes there.

Note: Unpublished content, modules, module items, assignments, and assignment groups will NOT be displayed in Delphinium.