How to Copy the Layout from a Source Course

Canvas offers the ability to copy content from one course to another. This is very useful when you have multiple sections of the same course or you want to copy course content from a previous semester or term to the current course. When you copy content from one course to another course, the original course is called the "source" course. If Delphinium was enabled in the source course, the Delphinium link will appear in the left-hand navigation of the new course after you copy the Canvas content.

After you copy the Canvas content from one course to another, Delphinium will give you the option to copy the layout and other Delphinium settings from the source course to the current course. Details for this process are found below.

Select Copy from Previous Course

After you enable the Delphinium page and the Delphinium page is loaded for the first time, if Delphinium detects a source course that used Delphinium, it will offer the option to Copy the layout from [previous course name]. Select this option and click Next.

Copy Delphinium Settings

Delphinium will now compare the Canvas module data from the source course and the new course. If you have not made any changes in the new course, you can now click Copy Settings to continue.

Manually Match Modules

If Delphinium detects that the modules are different between the source course and new course, it will ask you to manually match the modules.

Note: See the Pro Tip below to learn how to avoid this step.

When you copy Delphinium settings from one course to another it will include a copy of the Delphinium module meta-data from one course to another. This includes module images, content tags, module parent-child relationships, and module due dates.

If you have changed a module name in the new course before authorizing Delphinium, you can drag the modules in the Old Course Modules list to the matching module in the New Course Modules list. This will allow Delphinium to transfer the module meta-data from the source course module to the new version of that module in the new course.

Note: If you did not use any of the module meta-data features in the source course, you can skip this step because there is no module meta-data to copy. You can also skip this step for NEW modules in the new course. You can leave the New Course Modules list items paired with a "Module Missing" label in the Old Course Modules list. This will have no effect on the Delphinium settings copy because the new modules, in the new course, will have no module meta-data to copy over from the old course.

Click Copy Settings to continue.

Wait for the Page to Reload

When the Delphinium settings are done copying from the source course to the new course, you will see a "Success" message and the page will reload. Your Delphinium course is now ready to use.