Admin - Create a Template

A Delphinium layout is the framework used to organize Delphinium components for a course. It is Delphinium's user interface for both teachers and students in a course. A Delphinium template is a saved layout that can be quickly added to a course using the Layout Coach.

Open the Delphinium Admin Page

In the Canvas admin section, click Delphinium in the left-hand menu.

The Delphinium admin page will load and display a list of accounts.

"View" Account Details

In the "Action" column to the right of an account row, click View.

Create a New Delphinium Template

The "Account Details" panel will open.

Select the Templates tab to view a list of Delphinium layout templates for this account.

Click + Create Template

The "Edit/Create a Template" panel will open.

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to create the template:

Save the Template

When you have finished editing you template, click Save.

The "Save Layout Settings" dialog will appear.

Provide the Template Name and Template Details and click Save.

Your template will be saved and will appear in the account template list.