Self Regulation

Agentic Thinking


  • Training for using the environment
Create opportunities for fun and play
  • Quirkiness
  • Curiosity
Display tasksDisplay standards
  • Clearly display what success looks like
Display progress
  • Where you have been, where you are, and where you need to go
  • Emphasize the gap between where you are and completion
  • levels, points, prizes, badges,
Display outcomes of past performance
  • Feedback
  • Celebrate effective actions
    • Time on task
    • Quality work
    • Meeting deadlines
    • Success
Rewards as informational feedback, not behavioral control


  • Provide onboarding tasks that ease students into understanding the rules of the class
Fun and PlayGenerate curiosity through questions and explorationProvide variety in activities and presentation styles
Provide a clear structure for the class
  • Syllabus
  • Course calendar
  • Clear process for submitting assignments
  • Limit ambiguity
  • Clear indication of what "counts" and what does not
  • Clearly define what success looks like
  • Structure learning experiences so that they guide the student towards mastery
  • Path, pace, period, points, Grading style, Organization, Release schedule, total points, group weights, points in gradebook
Clearly show progress
  • Where you have been, where you are, and where you need to go
Give people opportunity to consider information more deeply and act according to itSalient information
  • Provide feedback on how to improve future performance
  • Provide opportunities for introspection and articulation
Situated cognition
  • Provide opportunities to interact with content in situ through experiential learning, simulation, role plays, etc.


Demonstrate an infectious passion for your contentBe an appealing and credible role model


  • Perceive task
  • Evaluate task
  • Evaluate self
  • Identify Standards
  • Set Goals
  • Plan
  • Act
    • Time on task
    • Quality work
    • Meet deadlines
    • Thoughtful consideration
  • Monitor self
  • Evaluate performance
  • Evaluate reactions