Current Grade Settings

The "Current Grade" component displays information about the student's grade. The data displayed there is a summary of data available in Gradebook tab. It helps students keep their grade top of mind. It also displays an estimated potential grade for the class.

Open the Component Settings

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher or Periscope View, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page.

The "Settings" dialog will open.

Click the Delphinium Settings tab in the tab bar at the top of the Settings dialog.

The “Delphinium Settings” tab will be displayed.

The Delphinium Settings tab has two sub tabs, "Course Settings" and "Component Settings." If necessary, click Component Settings.

The "Component Settings" sub tab will be displayed.

If your course has more than one tab, you will see those tabs mirrored in the "secondary tab bar". You may need to click the correct tab in the secondary tab bar to display the icon for the component you wish to edit.

Click the Current Grade icon.

The “Current Grade Settings” dialog will display.

There are no components settings for Current Grade.

Configure Delphinium and Canvas Course Settings

"Current Grade" uses several Delphinium and Canvas course settings to display properly, including the following:

  1. Set the "max points" in the course settings

  2. Configure the Canvas course grading scheme, learn more here.

Note: If there is no Canvas grading scheme configured in the course, delphinium will generate a default grading scheme.