Manage Delphinium Account Templates

Delphinium templates are a powerful way to quickly add a Delphinium layout to a course. They contain all of the information to completely set up Delphinium in your course with just a few clicks. Teachers and designers can use the Layout Coach to select a template that will work well with their course.

Open the Delphinium Admin Area

Note: You will need Canvas admin rights to view the Canvas Admin area.

Click Admin in the vertical "icon link bar" in the "left-hand side of the page".

The "Canvas admin area" will appear.

Click Delphinium in the "left-hand menu".

The "Delphinium admin" area will appear.

If necessary, click the Accounts tab.

The "Delphinium account list" will display.

View Account Details

Click View in the row for the account you want to view details for.

The "details" window will open for that account.

Template List

Click the Templates tab, the "Templates list" will appear

The "Templates list" includes the following four columns:

  • Name - This is the name of each template

  • Type - There are two types of templates:

    • Global - Default templates that cover the majority of course designs

    • Account - Templates created by a Canvas administrator either from scratch or from an existing course

  • Action

    • View - Launches a view of the template for your review

    • Export - download a file containing the template, you can use this file to import the file in a different Delphinium environment

    • Copy - Create a duplicate of a template that you can modify

    • Edit - Edit a template's layout, name, and description (account templates only)

    • Delete - Delete a template (account templates only)

for components with settings related to layout and component views, you can click the edit settings icon to add that information to the template