AI Generated Progress Reports

Delphinium's AI generated progress reports are a powerful way to put important parts of Delphinium's information and engaging influence closer to students—in their email box. The AI generates a custom report for each student and sends it on the schedule created by teachers. It includes information about overall course performance and information specific to the Delphinium components included in the course.

Navigate to the Progress Reports tab

On the Delphinium page, in Teacher View, click the Control Tower tab in the" top tab bar"; click Message Center in the "first subtab bar"; click Progress Reports in the "second subtab bar".

The "Progress Reports" tab will be displayed.

Configure Progress Email Settings

Options - Click Options (click to open) to view the following configuration options:

Customize Content - Customize which data points to include in the report (see image below)

Preview - Open a popup window to display what the progress report message will look like (see image below)

Send Report Now - Click Send Report Now to send progress report messages now, without waiting for the scheduled send time; This is useful if you are testing your "Progress Report"

Reset All - Click Reset All to revert the subject and body of the progress report message to the default text; This is useful if you have made changes that you don't want to use

Set Schedule - Select which "days" to send progress emails, and the "number of weeks" between each progress email

Note: Progress Emails are at 7:00 am on the days indicated in the schedule

Observers - Check the boxes to send progress reports to observers in addition to the students, or to send the message only to observers

Customize Subject - If you like, you can customize the default progress email subject

Customize Message - If you like, you can customize the default progress email message

Note: Do not remove the "{{Content}} "section of the message. This tag will be replaced with the AI generated text.

Variable Text - Click inside the "Subject or Body text box" to place the cursor where you would like to insert "variable text"; then click one of the Variable Text Buttons (e.g., Student First Name, Class Name, Date, emoji, etc.) to insert the "variable text tag" into the "subject or body text"; "Variable text tag" will customize the message by being replaced with information specific to the student receiving the message

Enable - Click the Enable toggle switch to enable/disable "Progress Report messages"; if disabled, no progress messages will be sent

Save - Click Save to apply your changes to the next Progress Report messages sent

Customize Content Dialog

Progress Report Preview