Delphinium Feature Request Service

Canvas is a powerful tool, but it is common for our clients to wish it could do "more". In addition, sometimes folks have a specific, unique course design or instructional strategy that Delphinium does not directly handle.

But, we are experts in developing educational technology—if you can imagine it, we can build it!

In these situations, our clients can make a feature request to enhance Delphinium so that it better meets their needs. Because our developer time is a limited resource, we've adopted a multi-tier approach to feature requests. This is described below so you have a clearer understanding of what your options are.

Security, Privacy, or Accuracy Issues

Feature Requests

All feature enhancement requests are added to the Delphinium roadmap

Sponsored Feature Requests

If you need something sooner, something large, or something more specialized to your use cases, you can choose to sponsor a paid feature request

If you'd like to make a feature request or a sponsored feature request, reach out to your Delphinium sales contact, or email us at