Delphinium Feature Request Service

Canvas is a powerful tool, but it is common for our clients to wish it could do "more". In addition, sometimes folks have a specific, unique course design or instructional strategy that Delphinium does not directly handle.

But, we are experts in developing educational technology—if you can imagine it, we can build it!

In these situations, our clients can make a feature request to enhance Delphinium so that it better meets their needs. Because our developer time is a limited resource, we've adopted a multi-tier approach to feature requests. This is described below so you have a clearer understanding of what your options are.

Security, Privacy, or Accuracy Issues

  • If there is a security or privacy issue, or if incorrect data is displayed, let us know and we will make the change immediately

Feature Requests

All feature enhancement requests are added to the Delphinium roadmap

  • Requests that many clients are asking for are moved up the list and done as soon as it fits in our development schedule

  • Unique or less common requests are postponed until our development plate has some extra capacity, or the request fits neatly into another project we are working on

    • Honestly, this can be a long wait, 1-2 years even

    • It may be that we can help you accomplish the same effect with current Delphinium features without waiting, let's talk

Sponsored Feature Requests

You can choose to sponsor a paid feature request

  • Sponsored feature requests are moved to the front of the roadmap and completed as soon as possible

  • We will work with you to understand exactly what the requirements are for the new feature

  • We will work out a schedule and price, based on the feature request complexity

    • If the price and schedule are acceptable to you, we will send you an invoice and begin work

  • Completed feature requests are shared by everyone in the Delphinium community

    • You are already enjoying feature requests that other clients have sponsored (your welcome 😊!)

    • Your feature request will be shared so that all Delphinium teachers and students will benefit (thank you!)

If you'd like to make a feature request or a sponsored feature request, reach out to your Delphinium sales contact, or email us at