Add Delphinium to a Course Page

It is sometimes useful to add Delphinium to a course page. This tutorial describes the steps to doing that.

Create a New Canvas Page

Follow these instructions to create a new page in Canvas:

Add Delphinium to the page

Select the Plugin icon from the "editor toolbar".

Select Delphinium from the drop down list, if necessary select View All to find the "Delphinium" link.

The "Delphinium" selection window will appear.

Select Full Page and click Add.

Delphinium will be added to the page.

Save the Canvas page.

Make the new Delphinium Page the Course Homepage

Use the following instructions to set the new Delphinium page you just created as the course page:

Now the first page students see when entering a course will be Delphinium.

Note: Displaying Delphinium as the home page will add a title that is not displayed when Delphinium is selected from the left-hand menu link. In some Canvas themes, it will also display in a narrower pane that may affect some Delphinium layouts.