Grade Tracker

The "Grade Tracker" helps students keep progress information up front and center, at the top of mind. It displays a student's current progress in earning points in the course grading scheme. Points are earned by completing course assignments. Bonus points can also be earned in some Delphinium components like Cafeteria Content Map and the Milestone Tracker. Students start at 0 points and an E grade (or the lowest grade in the grading scheme). As points are earned, the bar raises. Students have a clear indication of their final grade at all times if they choose to stop work at that moment. A green bar representing bonus points is added to the top of the blue points and illustrates how bonus points improve the student’s grade.

To promote social comparison and competition, the progress of every student in the class is also displayed in Grade Tracker as a blue dot next to the grading scale and the current student is displayed as an orange and white dot. In this way, students can clearly see how their performance compares to their peers in the class.

In courses where assignment due dates have an even cadence, or no due dates at all, a red line can also be added to the "Grade Tracker" to show where student progress should be at any given time in the class.


Note: Each of the items below includes a mouse-over tool tip in the UI that provides details.


  • Points Meter: Shaped like a thermometer. The bottom of the meter represents 0 points. The top of the meter represents the highest level in the course grading scheme.

  • Blue Fill: The meter fills with blue to indicate the students current total points.

  • Green Fill: Some courses include Delphinium components that generate bonus point that can improve your grade. These are displayed in the "Grade Tracker" as a free filled bar above the blue filled assignment points bar.

  • Current total points: Orange circle with white background that indicates student's current points.

  • Redline: Some courses include a "red line" in the "Grade Tracker". The red line represents "now" and moves from the bottom to the top of the meter as the term progresses. It indicates how many points a student should earn in the class at any given moment.

Grade Levels

The course grading scheme is listed to the right of the meter. Students can clearly see their current grade by comparing the blue (and green) fill bars to the levels in the grading scheme.


Dots are stacked between the "meter" and the "grade level" labels. They indicate the total points for all students. Blue dots are peers in the class and the orange circle with white background indicates the current student.