Content Item Popup

The Content Item Popup displays all the content items in a module or assignment group. It also helps students celebrate success, map out their progress, and make goals by clearly show students where they are, where they are going, and where they have been.

Note: Scores generated by 3rd party systems like McGraw-Hill Connect and Cengage MindTap will be displayed in Delphinium as long as you have configured Grade Passback to record the 3rd party scores in the Canvas Gradebook.

Note: The image to the right of the Content Item Popup includes all possible Content Item Popup parts. You likely will not see all of these parts in the same Content Item Popup.

Content Item Popup Parts

  • Close "X": Found at the top right of the popup, click the "X" or the blue background to close the popup.

  • Module/Assignment Group Title: Found at the top of the popup, describes the module or assignment group

  • % of assignments complete: Indicates the number of assignments a student has completed divided by the number of assignments in the module/assignment group. The icon and color indicate the following:

    • Gray / locked icon - Module is locked and module items are unavailable

    • White / unlocked icon - Module is open and module items are available and no progress has been made

    • Blue / stop-watch icon - Student has begun to view or submit module items. The darker the shade of blue, the more module items have been completed by the student

    • Green / checked-box icon - All required module items in the module are complete

  • % of points earned: Progress bar indicating the percent of points a student has earned out of the points possible in a module. This bar is also color coded:

  • Red - less than 60% of points have been earned

  • Yellow - between 60% and 80% of points have been earned

  • Green - more than 80% of points have been earned

  • Bread Crumbs: If the Content Item Popup is triggered from the Iris Module Map, it will include a list of the module's parent modules, each color coded using the % of assignments complete color scheme described above.

  • Module Prerequisites: Canvas has a feature that allows designers to require some modules (prerequisites) to be completed before others. If a module has prerequisite modules that need to complete still, these will be displayed here in a bulleted list.

    • In the Iris component, if you mouse over the prerequisite module in the list, the item will be highlighted in yellow, the content item popup will become transparent, and the correlated module will also be highlighted in yellow to help students find the prerequisite module.

  • Sequential Progress: Canvas has a feature that allows designers to require that module content needs to be completed in the order of the sequence the are displayed. Items that are not next in the sequence will be locked. If a module is configured for sequential progress, an info box will indicated it.

Content Item Tiles

Information about each content item is displayed in the Content Item Tiles. Click a tile to open the Canvas content page in a new window.

  • Content Item Title: Describes the content item

  • Icons: Each type of content is represented by a different color and icon

    • Page - page icon with teal background

    • Quiz - light bulb icon with salmon background

    • Assignment - pencil icon with maroon background

    • File - paper clip icon with purple background

    • External link - Chain icon with brown background

    • Locked - Lock icon with white background and blue-grey tile

  • Text headers: Large text that can be used to identify and describe groups of content items

    • Assigning the "Description" tag to a text header in the Module Meta Data manager will format a text header as a paragraph that can be used to describe module content.

  • Optional: Assigning the "Optional" tag to an assignment in the Module Meta Data manager will add an "Optional" text header to the bottom of the list and move that assignment below the "Optional" text header

  • Points earned out of points possible: 5/5

    • If the points have not been awarded yet, the points earned space will display"—"

  • Check box: Indicates whether or not an assignment has been submitted

    • Green check box icon if submitted

    • Black empty box icon if not submitted

  • Due Date: Date an assignment is due

  • Completion Requirements: Canvas requirements assigned to content items used to indicate whether a module is "complete" or not. If another module makes this module a "prerequisite", all the requirements need to be complete in this module to unlock the other module.

    • Example completion requirements include view, submit, and score at least.