Iris Content Map

The Iris Content Map visually displays the entire course at a glance in a visually appealing way. This makes it easier for students to understand their progress, celebrate success, and make goals because it clearly shows them where they are, where they are going, and where they have been.

Iris Content Map can be used in courses where the sequence of assignments is not linear. Instead, Iris Content Map can display content in a hierarchy, like a tree, or branching outline structure. This allows students to choose their own path through content, which improves students' sense of autonomy and motivation. The Iris Content Map can also be used in linear courses or with other content components.

Description of Iris Content Map

The "Iris Content Map" displays modules as segments in nested rings.

The "Iris Content Map" uses color and icons to show students the status and completion of a module and its module items. Icons are viewable when you mouse over a segment, see details below.

  • Gray / locked icon - Module is locked and module items are unavailable

  • White / unlocked icon - Module is open and module items are available and no progress has been made

  • Blue / stop-watch icon - Student has begun to view or submit module items. The darker the shade of blue, the more module items have been completed by the student

  • Green / checked-box icon - All required module items in the module are complete.

Hover and Click Boxes to View Content Items

Each content segment contains assignments, links, headers, pages and other content items. You can hover and click segments to view these content items.

  • Hover - Hover your mouse over a segment (or tap in mobile) to 'peek' at the content items. A "content item popup" will appear and show you stats and links to content items.

  • Click - Hover your mouse over a segment (or long press in mobile) to give the "content item popup" focus. A "blue overlay" will appear and you will be able to click on "content items".

Content Item Popup

The "Content Item Popup" includes content completion icons, described above.

Below the "module title" and to the left is the progress bar. This bar indicates the percent of points a student has earned out of the points possible in a module. This bar is also color coded:

  • Red - less than 60% of points have been earned

  • Yellow - between 60% and 80% of points have been earned

  • Green - more than 80% of points have been earned, and a progress bar, described above.

When using the "Iris Content Map", the "Content Item Popup" also includes a "bread crumb bar" that shows the 'parent' segments for a segment and the completion status for each.

It also contains a "tile" for each "content item". Tiles display an icon for each item type, a title, and completion requirements and a check box to show completion status (a green checkmark indicates complete). Assignments also include completion data scores, and due dates.

Note: For more details, see Module Item Modal .